Strategic Asset for Business Leaders

Capistran Leadership, LLC is a strategic advisory firm devoted to accelerating success by challenging the status quo. We are dedicated to further enhancing our clients’ growth and dexterity with our skilled, external perspective. Our focus is on high-value results. We support business leaders by brings thoughtful, visionary, and smart approaches, grounded in real world solutions.

We start by creating a safe and confidential space where senior business leaders are able to dig deeply into the most critical issues so they can develop effective, innovative solutions. We quickly grasp our clients’ situations, challenge assumptions and choices, and bring credible ideas to the conversation. Our insights are specific, immediately actionable, and organizationally aligned. Capistran Leadership supports our clients as they scale their businesses and achieve optimum results.

We traditionally work with closely-held partnerships, CEOs, and senior leadership teams.  They are driven to innovate and improve; they embrace growth and are committed to sustainable success. We are attuned to the challenges leaders face working “in-the-business” and “on-the-business”. We keep the conversations tactical and strategic to best support our client’s objectives.

Capistran Leadership leverages our diverse experience across a wide range of industries and companies, from start-ups to multi-billion dollar enterprises. Our team has broad and deeply relevant experience which allows us to get right to the core of the matter.

Value starts rapidly and continues throughout the engagement. Our process is customized and multifaceted. Through diligence, we empower our clients to achieve higher levels of success by inspiring innovation, loyalty, and action. This greatly enhances leadership, culture, and growth. That powerful collaboration allows business leaders to make bold moves faster and with greater precision.


Senior Leadership and Business Acumen, Crisis Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Growth

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Are you ready to challenge the status quo? If so, we look forward to exploring the possibilities with you.

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