Capistran Personalized Competency Calculator (CPCC Assessment)

Each of us possesses a distinct set of preferences, tendencies, stressors, and motivators derived from our individual prior experiences, values, beliefs, and education, as well as the circumstances of our daily lives.

The CPCC assessment tool will immediately assist you in increasing your awareness and understanding of your own personality features as well as the characteristics of people with whom you frequently interact, allowing you to maximize the return on investment from our executive leadership and coaching services.

The benefits of our customized CPCC leadership assessment are numerous and varied:



Provides individuals with insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development. It enhances self-awareness, allowing leaders to better understand their own behaviors, tendencies, and leadership style.


Identification of development areas:

By assessing leadership competencies, skills, and behaviors, a leadership assessment helps identify specific areas for improvement. It guides leaders in focusing their efforts on developing the right capabilities to enhance their effectiveness.


Targeted development planning:

Brings a foundation for creating a personalized development plan. It allows leaders to set specific goals and action steps to address their development areas and enhance their leadership capabilities.


Succession planning:

Helps organizations identify high-potential individuals for succession planning. By assessing leadership potential and readiness, organizations can proactively groom and prepare individuals for future leadership roles, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity.


Enhanced decision-making:

Understanding one's strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies enables leaders to make better-informed decisions. They can leverage their strengths and mitigate potential blind spots or biases, leading to more effective and well-rounded decision-making.


Improved team dynamics:

Facilitates improved team dynamics by helping leaders understand their impact on others and how to effectively engage and motivate their team members. It promotes better communication, collaboration, and alignment within the team.


Overall leadership development:

Contributes to continuous leadership development efforts within an organization. By providing a benchmark and tracking progress over time, assessments support ongoing growth, learning, and improvement in leadership effectiveness.

In summary, the CPCC leadership assessment offers valuable insights, targeted development opportunities, and strategic advantages for both individuals and organizations, ultimately leading to improved leadership performance and organizational success.

What is your unique combination of
Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Ruby?

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CPCC Package Includes:



    • Details on the responder’s unique personality style.
    • Understanding of the responder’s stressors and motivators.
    • Awareness on the responder’s least-favorable personality style.
    • Tips on how to upgrade relationships, especially the responder’s least-favorable style.
    • Is the responder an introvert, ambivert, or extravert? Let’s find out.
    • Change is all around us. What is the responder’s attitude and reaction to change?

    One, 45-minute pre-scheduled, customized, remote debrief session to go over the examinee’s CPCC results. With a goal of building awareness – with an opportunity to ask specific questions to gain a deep understanding of all the examinee’s results and how this knowledge can enhance their human excellence going forward.

What Our Clients Think About CPCC Assessments and the Accuracy of the Results:

President | Financial Industry

“At first I was skeptical.  Not only was I proven wrong, but I was blown away at how accurate the assessment proved to be.  Nancy brought out ideas and explained everything so well.  It was extremely helpful. I would recommend this assessment to anyone from high school on up.”

Named Partner | Esquire

“The CPCC assessment is an invaluable tool in building a solid, productive team. As an owner of a law firm, understanding the type of communication that motivates and stifles each team member’s productivity is imperative. Equally important is the team’s understanding of myself and my partner’s respective communication styles. While the physical assessment itself is informative, what makes it exceptional is Nancy’s finesse and astuteness in discussing each team member’s interpersonal skills, both individually and in a group setting. I would highly recommend the CPCC assessment and Nancy to anyone in leadership who wants to make smart hiring decisions and improve employee productivity, satisfaction and retention.”

Senior Manager | Content and Commerce Industry

“Capistran’s Personalized Competency Calculator (CPCC) was very enlightening.  It gave me a better perspective on how my interactions might be viewed by others and how I could be contributing to unintentional biases professionally and socially.  This knowledge gave me a great baseline to interpret how I can better understand my interactions with others, particularly personalities I find challenging to interact with.  Going through the CPCC process was an “ah-ha” experience for me.  It has provided me with the knowledge and tools to modify how I respond to others to have better discussions, negotiations, and interactions.  I highly recommend the CPCC to anyone who wishes to grow as a person and become more successful.”

CEO | Outdoor Sporting Goods Industry

“A great behavioral assessment tool is one which is easy to complete, provides depth of insights and is well supported.  The Capistran Personalized Competency Calculator provides all these superbly!”

Sales Executive

"Capistran Leadership’s CPCC Assessment is a fabulous tool for career changers like me, who need to think more deeply about what we want.  The objective data that came from this assessment, coupled with Nancy’s insights, made a great impact on my next move. I highly recommend the CPCC to career changers, job seekers, as well as organizations searching for a better tool to find the “right” candidates.”

CEO | Communications Industry

“I requested that Capistran Leadership conduct a CPCC test on everyone in my agency. The results were spot on and highlighted traits that were both favorable and unfavorable for each of us. What was most valuable to me as a CEO, was learning the stressors and motivators of each of my employees. After Nancy’s detailed explanation of our individual results, we hung our personalized graphs side by side in our conference room. Whenever we need help with a project, client or situation, we utilize the team report to instantly recognize the best person in our agency to call on to complete the task for optimum results.”

CEO | Financial Services Industry

“The Capistran Personalized Competency Calculator helped me understand the way I interact with people, the situations in which I am most comfortable, and those that are harder for me to navigate.  While I have always felt that I have a good grasp on my interpersonal strengths and weaknesses, the CPCC provided much deeper insight.  These nuances helped me understand the best types of clients to seek and the types of people I should hire to complement my team.  I wish I had gone through this exercise years ago.”

Insurance Industry Executive

“I have done other assessments in the past.  Many of them didn’t uncover anything that I didn’t already know about myself.  Capistran Leadership’s Competency Calculator is truly in a class by itself!  It is a self-report assessment that takes only 10 minutes and the results made me go “WOW”!  I learned a tremendous amount about my own character traits, and of equal importance, I learned how my own tendencies and preferences interact with other people’s character traits – both for better and for worse.  This smart tool is a must have for any employer who is considering hiring a new employee.”

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