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Nancy’s top executive coaching program is enhanced by her leadership book, Open Your Eyes and LEAD which shows readers how to become a positive force in the world and how to balance and manage omnipresent tensions while striving for leadership excellence. Capistran shares inspirational stories and advice from her 30+ year career to help both seasoned and emerging leaders develop intentionality and sustain and maintain their core values and beliefs even when life’s pressures dictate otherwise.

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Thought Leadership

Open Your Eyes and LEAD was launched at the world’s largest, yearly literary event in Frankfurt, Germany in October 2018. This executive performance coaching book is uniquely situated to be embraced by three different audiences:

People who are searching to gain a higher level of self-confidence, understanding, and personal advancement so that they can become mindful leaders in their own lives.

Current and would-be leaders in the employer arena who aspire to leadership excellence.

Academic curriculums for higher education students who are training to be our world’s newest leaders.

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Book Reviews

“Nancy has been on the front lines of many of life’s most formidable challenges. Her book combines personal and professional stories from the trenches, along with Nancy’s unique brand of insight and wisdom that enables readers to identify and create their own profound ripple effect of change. This book is a must-read for those who want to understand how to turn their life’s struggles into a positive outcome for themselves and the many people they touch.”

– Dr. Jessica Erdmann-Sager, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and an Instructor in Surgery, Harvard Medical School

“A quote attributed to President John F. Kennedy states, ‘Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future’. The way we choose to show up and react to our own personal and professional challenges will have a major impact on our brand and future success. I highly recommend this book to anyone who feels that their life’s challenges are negatively impacting the achievement of their goals.”

– Dr. Edward Lacerte, Former Athletic Trainer, and Physical Therapist, Boston Celtics; President, ProSports Therapy

“Through Open Your Eyes and LEAD, Nancy Capistran has given us a true masterpiece of what “leadership” is and should look like. Graciously sharing some real-life personal and professional challenges, her book is comprehensive, but not complex, and will resonate with readers who seek to abandon the status quo – a must-read!!!”

– M.L. Carr, Former Two-Time World Champion Boston Celtics’ Player, Head Coach, and General Manager

“The real-life stories in Open Your Eyes and LEAD provide great ideas on how we each can choose to handle our personal and professional challenges with examples of processes that turned these critical moments into success and positive learning experiences. Great insights for living a better life.”

– Michael Cote, President, and CEO, Secureworks

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