Case Study: Divine Stoneworks


A privately held, successful fabricator of natural and engineered stone, woke up one morning to a “deer-in-the-headlights” type of event – a hostile takeover by their business partners.

How We Helped

The true test of leadership can easily be seen during times of crisis. Performance under pressure is critical. Capistran Leadership helped our client “keep their wits about them” and stay focused during an extreme situation. A crisis like this is devastating. It significantly disrupted their personal and professional lives for many months. We kept them focused on smart and rapid reactive and proactive decision making. Capistran Leadership provided, 24/7 support to help them defuse their stress especially during highly elevated times of tension. Curve balls were consistently being thrown in their direction and we advised and coached them in a way that created successful, timely outcomes. Pushing forward with a high degree of integrity and a positive attitude was very challenging for anyone in their situation. We kept them on track to rise above the conflict with a focus on strategic planning for the best possible outcomes.

Capistran Leadership maintained our clients focus on positive traction throughout the entire crisis. We were a primary factor in assisting them to emerge with a clear direction in terms of vision, strategy, and operational approach for future success. Through innovative thinking, this transformational shift allowed them to dissolve their original partnership and identify what was next for them. We encouraged them to reach for their dreams, which we are proud to say, they have. Divine Stoneworks was created and is now thriving. Capistran Leadership continues to support our client with leadership and business acumen, as they continue to grow their state-of-the-art custom fabrication business.

Client’s Testimonial

“Nancy’s skills and support have been priceless during the biggest challenge of our personal and professional lives.  Starting at our very first meeting, she provided tremendous real-time value, focus, and support. With her guidance we were able to transform what could have been our worst business nightmare into our brightest dreams. Nancy’s coaching has made us grow as individuals as well as professionals. She has the power to transform our challenges into growth.

Nancy gives her very best all the time and she puts her heart and soul into her coaching, which makes her very special and unique.

Thanks to her and her vast networking connections we are building a very strong and well-structured new business. Her knowledge and expertise are very impressive and she always comes up with an appropriated action plan to turn the situation into a positive outcome.”

Business Partners: Michelle Coelho and Davidson Pascoal
Divine Stoneworks | Ashland, MA