OPEN YOUR EYES AND LEAD; Hardship and wisdom shape the best leaders in life


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“Whether you are a seasoned leader, a newly-minted entrepreneur, or an aspiring leader, Capistran’s stories of inspiration and advice resonate with everyone who wants to increase their self-confidence, improve performance and become a more balanced, thoughtful leader.” – Troy Brown, Former New England Patriots wide receiver, 3x NFL Super Bowl Champion, and Hall of Fame recipient

Nancy Capistran, PCC, CPC, has just released her self-narrated audio version of her best-selling leadership book, Open Your Eyes and LEAD, (Eclipse Publishing & Media UK). Capistran’s book reinforces the belief that we are the leaders of our own lives and not the victim of our circumstances. It’s how we choose to show up and react to our own personal and professional challenges that will have a major impact on our brand and future success.

We all face adversity. Those who focus on a brighter, yet realistic outlook is more apt to regularly attain their goals,” says Capistran, who knows firsthand how life’s curveballs can throw us off course.

A best-seller on, internationally published and now an audiobook, Open Your Eyes and LEAD shows readers how to become a positive energy in the world and how to balance and manage life’s omnipresent tensions while striving for leadership excellence. Capistran has a contagious positive mental outlook with a spirit of steel which shines through as she shares inspirational stories and advice to help both seasoned and emerging leaders to develop intentionality while maintaining their core values and beliefs even when life’s pressures dictate otherwise.

The speed of life continues to accelerate and often there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. In Open Your Eyes and LEAD, we learn why there are no shortcuts to leadership. If you want to build a company or a team that fires on all cylinders, this book will provide you with new tools and tips to help you and your company flourish.

When business conflicts arise, we are often so focused on our own reaction to what is being said, that we don’t often consider the bigger picture. Capistran illustrates, through her many stories from the trenches, why it’s important to not let our own feelings prevent us from making the right decision. 

Open Your Eyes and LEAD covers a wide range of personal and professional topics that may be holding you back. By identifying today’s trailblazers and the characteristics they possess, Capistran shows us how these men and women have stretched beyond what they thought was possible by overpowering fear, stress, judgment, and self-sabotage.

Despite popular belief, success is never a linear path. It comes when we can truly open our eyes and view situations from a wider perspective. Profit-driven CEO’s are often blind when it comes to the bigger picture. Capistran illustrates why investing in the intangibles like curiosity, culture, and gratitude will pay dividends that consistently exceed the investment.

Over the course of her career, Capistran has worked with or in companies from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar international organizations to help leaders enhance their quality of life and overall success. She was recently honored at the 4th Annual Night of 500 Stars Gala, where she won the Hundie Award – Greatest Professional Achievement for making a difference in our world, specifically in the area of leadership.

The rights for Open Your Eyes and LEAD were recently sold to the SAARC countries. These South Asian states include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, the Maldives, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Additionally, there is a strong collaborative focus for Open Your Eyes and LEAD in Cape Town, South Africa.


Nancy Capistran’s OPEN YOUR EYES and LEAD offers us a new way to embrace a strategic change in how we think about leadership and our leaders today. As an international law firm with a strong set of core values, Nancy’s straight talk on how to create a positive and diverse work culture mirrors our firm’s goals and, importantly, helps to set a path on how to achieve them. Drawing on her professional and personal experience, Capistran’s “in the trenches” writing style is refreshing. I found myself underlining numerous passages that will help me become a better leader within my own practice group at the firm and advisor to my clients, and that I’m sure will aid me in my personal life as well.”  – Lewis Segall, Partner at Sullivan & Worcester LLP – Chair of M&A and Corporate Practice; Published Author

 “Through OPEN YOUR EYES and LEAD, Nancy Capistran has given us a true masterpiece of what “leadership” is and should look like. Graciously sharing some real-life personal and professional challenges, as well as victories, she helps open her readers’ eyes to new leadership possibilities. Her book is comprehensive, but not complex, and will resonate with readers who seek to abandon status quo…a must read!” – M.L. Carr, Retired two-time NBA world champion, Boston Celtics’ Player, Head Coach, and General Manager

About the Author

Nancy Capistran

Nancy Capistran knows firsthand about extreme, abrupt, and unpredictable life experiences. Her bird’s-eye view comes from being in the trenches and at the frontlines of several of life’s most challenging times. Her “rebound-ability” has helped her to develop tried and true street-smart approaches to make traction and thrive through intensity. She brings thoughtful, visionary, and intelligent approaches that are grounded in real-world solutions.

Nancy is CEO of Capistran Leadership, LLC. A firm that focuses on leadership dexterity; accelerating the achievements of smart, already successful executives by enhancing decisions, precision, and covering blind-spots. She is also Co-Founder at Crisis Interception, LLC. A firm that leads decisive change during extreme adversity. Providing mental toughness and sound counsel to burnish the efficiency for reputational risk, preservation and crisis response.

Capistran has been humbled by the many awards that she has received over the years. She is a sought-after speaker, published best-selling author, an award-winning internationally certified executive coach and crisis management advisor. Additionally, she has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, along with several other media outlets.