There is nothing “soft” about soft skills.

Soft skills are vital to successful outcomes. What do we mean when we use the words “soft skills?” They are our personal attributes that indicate our level of emotional intelligence in interacting with others. Most people are more focused on our hard skills, which are our technical skills and abilities in performing tasks.

Soft skills help you relate well to other people. It doesn’t matter what age, position, or industry you are in.  Soft skills are beneficial with every interaction and in all aspects of our lives.  Meeting people where they are, helps to build and maintain rapport.  Including, understanding and appreciating other’s perspectives, communicating in a way that includes active listening and being mindful of clearly, and effectively communicating our thoughts.

It also includes, making a positive impact by being thoughtful and thorough with decision making. Being decisive with integrity, meaning owning your mistakes – we all make them. Learning from our successes and misjudgments are part of our learning journey.

Focus and action bring results.  Making progress without getting sidetracked on the “shiny new thing” is a very important skill.

The most essential soft skill is balance.  A healthy balance is vital.  As individuals, we are the only ones that can truly determine what makes a healthy balance for ourselves.