Senior Leaders: Who Covers Your Blind Spots?

It can be very lonely at the top. Senior leaders have the pressures, constant challenges, and profitability of the entire organization on their shoulders. If they fail, numerous people will be stormily impacted.

The power of positive influence has a colossal impact. As leaders, we need to act by choice and lead by example. Comradeship brings comfort. The trailblazers of the world realize that to expand their potential they need a vastly skilled, collaborative coach to best support their growth and to cover their blind spots.

Executive coaching expands skills, behaviors, and motivations. It is a platform to support individuals and teams to reach their full potential. Creating and sustaining a professional relationship with a trusted advisor with whom there is mutual respect and transparency is a coveted perk. Leveraging and nurturing the power of this relationship is invaluable in the priceless solutions that it generates.

Coaching is used in all aspects of our world culture. Coaching is most well-known for maximizing achievement in professional athletes; business has followed suit by also investing in coaching for high potential and already successful professionals. Huge rewards can be gained by growing the effectiveness of someone who is already generating high merit.

As leaders climb the ladder of success, traditional training has not proven to be advantageous. Instead, individual constructive sessions that have been customized to help overachievers learn to identify and cover their own blind spots is on the rise. Collaborative work of this nature allows those who are at the top to continue to break through to new heights in their quest to reach their peak performance level. Receiving guidance and insight by a trusted, highly skilled coach allows leading performers to think, learn, and obtain sustainable results beyond what they have accomplished in the past.

Not all coaches are equal. Exceptional coaching practitioners bring broad and deeply relevant experience which allows them to get right to the core of the matter. Benefits should start immediately and continue throughout the engagement. The best coaching partnerships support their clients to make smarter decisions with better precision. Those leadership coaches who have a primary focus and skill set for strategic growth with a forte in human dynamics will provide the most acceleration for their clients. They can bring thoughtful, visionary, and smart approaches that are grounded in real world solutions, correlated to the specifics of the client. Insights need to be specific, immediately actionable, and organizationally aligned. This customized approach is implemented to optimize attributes and improve skills, increasing the stream of success.

Coaching can also provide a great advantage with team dynamics. I have found that coaching smaller groups is more productive than coaching larger teams. This allows for more purposeful results with regards to collaboration, best practices, quality, and overall progress. A seasoned coach who is experienced in strategic and tactical results can assess and elevate the level of performance, providing a view that brings forward new angles. The infusion of new ideas moves people beyond their innate methods. Coaches work to blend the diversity of the group so that everyone appreciates and respects how each of the team members adds meaning to support the bigger goals of the organization.

Here are some primary objectives that I consistently observe being accomplished through collaboration with a highly skilled leadership coach:

  • Fine-tuning priorities, thoughts, and efforts
  • Early detection of critical path issues
  • Effectively addressing complex change
  • Mitigation and management of crisis situations
  • Expanding decision-making efficiency
  • Empowering and inspiring to achieve optimum performance
  • Building and maintaining stakeholder relationships
  • Broadening awareness
  • Expanding communication skills
  • Creating sustainable results
  • Efficient sounding board for “what’s keeping you up at night”

We all have the potential to develop ourselves further, higher, deeper, and wider. In this rapidly-changing world, companies can lose their edge in the blink of an eye. Infusing a keen fresh perspective from a well-seasoned leadership coach can expand and broaden your organization’s reach. Having that winning view can outpace your competition.

If you are committed to gaining, enhancing, and fostering human performance, coaching is an investment that empowers prosperity and a strong yield on the return on investment (ROI).