Senior Leaders: Who Covers Your Blind Spots?

It can be very lonely at the top. Senior leaders have the pressures, constant challenges, and profitability of the entire organization on their shoulders. If they fail, numerous people will be stormily impacted. The power of positive influence has a colossal impact. As leaders, we need to act by choice and lead by example. Comradeship…

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Podcast: The Entrepreneur Way

The Entrepreneur Way podcast logo

Nancy Capistran was interviewed by Neil Ball, The Entrepreneur Way Business Podcast and Blog.  The topic was: Being Comfortable with Change to Become Successful.  To become successful through change, we thought we’d first share Neil Ball’s story as he has a love for helping people who share his passion for the entrepreneurial way of life.  He lives…

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Is Business Culture Really That Important?

I was asked to present at the Chief Executive Officers’ (CEO) Club – Presidential Advisory Council – Boston Chapter, on Leadership. They inquired as to what specific topics would provide the greatest value. I provided the top requested subjects below (in no particular order): Crisis Management: Are You Prepared for the Inevitable? What Makes a Great Leader?…

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Nancy Capistran Earns High Praise

Nancy Capistran receiving award

Boston Area Leadership Coach Receives USA500 Clubs Most Prestigious Award of the Year Nancy J. Capistran earns high praise from colleagues for outstanding achievement in business Boston, MA… Nancy Capistran, President of Capistran Leadership, LLC, was presented with the Most Inspirational Member Award for Outstanding Achievement by USA500 Clubs at their annual Night of 500…

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Crisis Interception Logo

CRISIS INTERCEPTION™ helps lead decisive change during extreme adversity. Providing mental toughness and sound counsel. Crisis Interception intercedes to burnish the efficiency for reputational risk, preservation and crisis response through: • Influencing positive leadership to support the best interest of the brand and its stakeholders • Activating steps necessary to achieve the best outcomes •…

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We Each Get to Decide

Life is about choices. We each get to decide how we want to advocate for our own lives.  What are you really all about?  What is your true character?  Focus your thoughts and actions on living that life.

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Creating Positive Change in Leadership.

NAVIGATING TRANSFORMATIONAL SHIFTS IN BUSINESS Capistran Leadership, LLC is a coaching and advisory firm focused on high value results by creating positive change. We help C Level Executives of Middle-Market companies expand their precision in: Leadership and Business Acumen | Growth and Scaling | Crisis and Continuity Management. Capistran Leadership is committed to further enhancing…

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Shifting Forward – Capistran Leadership

Capistran Leadership have a history of helping businesses and leaders shift forward by providing an exponential differences in their results. We engage with our clients as thought leaders. We have a dramatic effect on how to address the biggest challenges and capitalize on hidden opportunities by helping to sharpen leadership vision and business acumen. Capistran Leadership builds…

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