CRISIS INTERCEPTION™ helps lead decisive change during extreme adversity. Providing mental toughness
and sound counsel. Crisis Interception intercedes to burnish the efficiency for reputational risk, preservation and crisis
response through:

• Influencing positive leadership to support the best interest of the brand and its stakeholders

• Activating steps necessary to achieve the best outcomes

• Setting and managing expectations

• Driving decisions and communications with one vision

• Assessing and adjusting plans as needed

In today’s 24-7 news cycle, successfully navigating a crisis is critical. Being adequately prepared can minimize the potential impact of a disaster, possibly even prevent it. If you are sufficiently equipped prior to a catastrophe, you could reduce the financial hardship, reputational harm, and protect the viability of your brand and overall business. How would you handle a major business interruption?

Veterans Nancy Capistran and Tara Goodwin are crisis experts with more than 50 years of combined experience. They have successfully managed crisis situations with high-profile individuals and companies ranging from Fortune 500s to start-ups. In addition, they have strategic partnerships with hundreds of trusted advisors and industry experts and can leverage those relationships for you on demand.

The founders of Capistran Leadership and Goodwin Group PR share the same vision and philosophy on how crises should be managed and each has specific expertise in managing crisis situations from an internal and external lens. Combined, they offer comprehensive identification and management of crisis situations to minimize impact, maintain corporate reputation, reassure the public and enable internal teams to continue to do business while effectively navigating the crisis.

A companies brand represents its promise of quality and service. It takes years to build a strong reputation, yet moments to destroy it during the chaos of an unexpected crisis. This type of undesirable spotlight, requires highly-skilled concentration to calm the tensions that are boiling over. When uncertainty and adversity hits, every second counts.  It is pivotal that the emergency response is activated and supported by seasoned professionals with timely, smart decisions to support all stakeholders, internal and external of the business.  Companies that come-out-of-the-gate strong in responding to a disaster, have a better chance of bouncing back.  Those with a less-than-favorable response, traditionally experience an irrevocably-tarnished reputation.


  • Workplace Tragedy – employee, subcontractor, or client is killed or injured
  • Environmental Accident – chemical spill, gas leak, oil spill, explosion
  • Natural Disaster – sinkhole, flood, thunderstorm which disrupts business operations
  • Disgruntled Employee – fraud, theft, embezzlement, violence
  • Product Recall – safety issue or product defect that might endanger the consumer
  • Data Breach/Cyber Crime – sensitive, protected or confidential data that potentially has been viewed, stolen or used
  • Unauthorized/Inappropriate Spending (business / non-profits)
  • Advertising/Marketing Campaign Gone Wrong – offending/insulting audience, sparking outrage
  • Death/Serious illness of an Executive
  • Executive Under Criminal Investigation

Are you properly prepared for the inevitable business crisis?  Contact Crisis Interception to learn more.