Shifting Forward – Capistran Leadership

Capistran Leadership have a history of helping businesses and leaders shift forward by providing an exponential differences in their results. We engage with our clients as thought leaders. We have a dramatic effect on how to address the biggest challenges and capitalize on hidden opportunities by helping to sharpen leadership vision and business acumen. Capistran Leadership builds upon our clients’ strong skills, experiences, and values while covering their blind spots. We expand their awareness, agility, and perspectives in a way that creates predictable success. An intuitive sense of how all the moving parts of our client’s company work together is indispensable. Understanding and assessing the current business realities and having the ability to make good judgement and quick decisions expands on achievement.

Capistran Leadership is a coaching and advisory firm focused on high-value results for leaders and their businesses. We bring thoughtful, visionary, and smart approaches, grounded in real world solutions. Our insights are specific, immediately actionable, and organizationally aligned.

Our clients are closely-held partnerships, CEOs, and senior leadership teams. We support them as they scale their business and achieve optimum performance. Our clients are driven to innovate and improve; they embrace growth and are committed to sustainable success. We are attuned to the challenges leaders face working “in-the-business” and “on-the-business”. Capistran Leadership keeps the conversations tactical and strategic to best support the client’s objectives.